Hi, this is Connor Lenio and Tyler Springer. We are the producers of this website and are happy to help out in these trying times for Erica and her family. Just as we have given our time to help Erica, we hope you will also try and help in any way you can. As you have already taken the time to visit the website, we thank you. Erica and her family need all the love, encouragement, and support they can receive. If we give all these things, we can make a difference.

From Connor Lenio: I am Erica's cousin and had the chance to visit her in the hospital recently. Even in these tough times, she retains her sense of humor and amicability that make her so successful in life. Erica is a great person. My family and I are working as hard as we can to give her all the support she needs. We thank you for lending a hand.

Erica in the hospital